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Morgan's Pomade – Sustaining a Strong Reputation

Morgan's Pomade – Sustaining a Strong Reputation

Here at Morgan's, we are careful about the materials we use. If our metal, paper and plastic is not up to eco-friendly standards, then we do not use it. We are committed to environmental goals as we realise that Eco or environmentally friendly manufacturing protects the planet and conserves natural resources. We are confident that all of our products are made and packaged using sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through re-manufacturing, reuse and recycling.


Metal is the most recycled packaging material in Europe. It is a permanently available resource; it doesn’t deplete over any timescale and it never loses its molecular properties. It can be recycled and re-used indefinitely, meaning that metal scrap is not a waste – it is a resource!

Metal recycling rates are calculated using the End of Life 0:100 Approach – Material to Material Loop. For data on the latest recycling rates, please visit and for further information please visit The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association website at Recycled metal packaging is used to feed the production cycle – significantly reducing energy use.


Recycling scrap products, cardboard boxes, and used paper is the easiest way to reduce our business’ waste. We have an in-house cardboard shredder we use to turn used cardboard into packaging material. We also strive to only buy recycled paper materials or materials that come from sustainable sources for our production factory. In our offices, we do not print any more than necessary and we use email when communicating to our clients and customers.