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Six Easy Steps to Healthy Manageable Hair

1. Wash your hair regularly with one of Morgan’s range of shampoos to suite every hair type.

2. Use the conditioner, particularly for dry and damaged hair, regularly and our Hair Mask as a weekly treat.

3. Go to the Hairdressers or Barbers every 3-6 weeks for a cut or trim. Ask them for their professional advice about your individual hair needs. Regular cuts will keep your hair healthy and in great shape.


4. Eat a nutritious diet which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals. Particularly Vitamins ABC and Zinc.


5. Drink plenty of water. Two litres a day will increase the strength of your hair. Dehydration halts hair growth.


6. Style your day with one of Morgan’s Styling products. We have a range for every hair type and style.


Remember stress affects your whole body including your hair so look after yourself, try to relax, and have fun with your hair.


Follow these easy steps and bad hair days will be a thing of the past.