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Morgan’s has been manufacturing pomade since 1873, that’s over 140 years of experience so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to pomade. It’s in our name of course! All of our pomade production, from formulating in our lab to labelling, takes place at our very own factory in Whitstable, Kent. Over a billion jars of the original Morgan’s Hair Darkening Pomade have been sold Worldwide. Our pomade jars and caps are unique bespoke to Morgan’s with our labels having been designed using a mix of new and archive designs.

Morgan’s pride ourselves on the variety of pomades we offer from the Original Hair Darkening Pomade to our selection of Styling Pomades. All of our styling pomades are water based and non-greasy, making them easy to wash out with the exception of our Classic Pomade and Hair Darkening Pomade which are oil based. Our pomades have become a barber shop favourite across the world from the UK to Australia.

Morgan’s Styling Pomades are perfect for creating shiny and classic slick styles, from a side part or comb over, to the renowned and revived pompadour. Our pomades come in a variety of different holds, finishes and sizes, we have something  to meet the needs of all hair types and styles. Our exclusive blend allows the perfect balance of slickness, strength and shine to create the perfect classic look.
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