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How Do I Grow a Beard?

Step 1. - Start Fresh

The best way to start anything in life is to start fresh! We at Morgan’s recommend starting with a clean, fresh and moisturized face, as this will help stimulate facial hair growth and minimise any early signs of irritation.
Set aside some preparation time to wash and exfoliate your skin using Morgan’s Face Wash and Morgan’s Exfoliating Face Scrub to cleanse pores of excess oils, dirt and dead skin.
Keep your face moisturised by using Morgan’s Daily Moisturiser, which will help strengthen hair follicles and promote healthy beard growth.

Step 2. - Be Persistent - Control the Itch 

Your beard may be itchy for up to the first 6 weeks of growth. This is primarily caused by build-up of dirt, dead skin cells and dehydration (dry skin).
We suggest using Morgan’s Moustache and Beard Cream to help soften beard hair and moisturise the skin underneath. Realistically, it can take up to three months before you start to see full potential beard growth, so be patient and control the irritation by moisturising and hydrating both your beard hair and skin underneath.
Morgan's Moustache and Beard Cream - 75ml Tin
We also suggest Morgan’s Luxury Beard Cream to soften, condition and moisturise the beard. It soothes and hydrates the skin beneath the beard, with a luxurious fragrance. Using a Beard Cream is an important part of growing and maintaining a beard.
Luxury Beard Cream - 60ml
Finally, try teaming this up with Morgan’s Beard Oil, infused with 100% natural blend of oils such as Indian Peppermint, Mandarin and Tea Tree to help promote a nourished, hydrated and healthy looking beard.
Morgan's Original Beard Oil - 50ml

Step 3. - Shape your Face 

We understand that not everyone can grow a full beard, and different shapes suit different beards. However, we at Morgan’s have done the work for you by showing off some of our favourite beard styles which we think suits a combination of different men’s face shape. Most men should trim their beards once every couple of weeks, depending on the beard style and speed of growth. 

We recommend popping into your local Barber Shop for some expert barber advice and get a professional beard trim

Step 4. - Maintain your Masterpiece 

We know that by now you will want to show off your beard to the world, however, you will need a couple of tools to help promote your healthy beard. Keep your beard clean and fresh by using Morgan’s Beard Wash to cleanse and condition beard hair.
Morgan's Beard Wash - 100ml
For a sleek beard, we recommend using Morgan’s Beard & Moustache Wax to help style and shape your beard. The main benefit of beard wax is to keep the hair strong and protected from adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain.
Morgan's Beard & Moustache Wax - 50g
If you have equally decided to grow out a tash, then we suggest using Morgan’s Moustache Styling Wax to perfect handlebar moustaches and goatees with an extra firm hold.
Morgan's Moustache Styling Wax - 50g
If you want to uphold a shiny beard that is easy to mould and style, or if you just want to keep things neat and tidy, we suggest using Morgan’s Beard brush to promote a silky soft beard.
Morgan's Beard Brush
After cleansing your beard with Morgan’s Beard Wash, continue your daily beard maintenance regime with Morgan’s Original and Brazilian Orange Beard Oils. Infused with a blend of 100% natural oils that help to...
Morgan's Original Beard Oil - 50ml
...soften and nourish your beard with the uplifting aromas of peppermint and mandarin, or an exotic Brazilian orange fragrance. They soothe and hydrate the skin beneath, and help to promote healthier beard growth.
Morgan’s Beard Comb is the ideal grooming beard comb for all beard styles, to help grow and maintain a healthy looking and well-groomed beard. An essential part of your beard grooming kit.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard?

Each individual is different and therefore results can vary from one person to another. Realistically, it can take up to three months before you start to see full potential beard growth, and up to 6 months for a fully-fledged beard. It’s also important to think about internal factors such as your diet, health and lifestyle. This will have a huge affect on your end result.

Vitamins and Supplements 

There are plenty of vitamins such as Biotin, Fish Oil and Vitamins C & D on the market which help increase hair growth. Taking a multivitamin as a supplement also helps to support skin, hair and nail growth. Did you know that being outside in the sun for just 30 minutes a day contributes to your daily dose of Vitamin D?

Health & Diet 

Keeping a balanced diet and regular exercise helps to prevent stress, which is a major cause of hair loss. Good foods are red meats, spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli and olive oil. If you make the necessary lifestyle changes, this will not only promote hair growth but improve your skin and immune system. Work from the inside out.

Keep Hydrated 

Water is important for good health in general, but drinking lots of water can help provide your scalp, facial skin and hair follicles with necessary moisture for increasing growth. Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the course of the day to supply your body with adequate moisture. Once you reach the 3-month stage of growing a beard, wash your beard more frequently to keep the skin hydrated.